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Why Choose Lucht?

Investment Growth

Your Investment are well cartered for as we have representative at your disposal to help walk the journey with you.

Crypto Stream

We deal with maily two cryptocurrency ( Bitcoin & Ethereum) for our transactions & working to include other methods.

Secure Wallet

We provide a secured wallet account with analytics for tracking payment history and income

Worldwide Deposit.

Provides International money transfers with Bitcoins can be faster and cheaper than with Traditional Banking system

Safe And Secure

Our system is HxFG Secured with comodo SSL to protect your investments from malware and SQL injection scripts

Covered By Insurance

We keep tabs of transactional records to initiate our risk plan in order to protect your finances

Meet The Director

The Director got his inspiration as a young child while flying Kites, that was his obession growing up and this obsession evolved to Drones..

Prior before joining the Military, he has gotten several trainings on Drone Technologies and Inventions. He joined The German Armed Forces in 2013 and still currently serving as Stabsunteroffizier. His service in the Military exposed him to different High-grade Military Drones which eventually became his area of specialization. He has been opportuned over the years to design and develop Military High-grade drones and also Industrial Drones for various Industry Giants. He has been acting as an Independent Contractor for various companies but has recently decided to pursue his childhood dream of Incorporating his own personal Drone Company. Hence, the birth of LUCHT-a Danish word for 'AIR'. His vision is to design and manufacture World class record breaking drones. He aims to take the Drone Technology to the next level. He is known to have a strong drive for success and with complete assurance, we can confidently say Lucht Technology Network in the next few years will be the among the TOP 10 COMPANIES IN NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING MARKET. We implore investors not to be left out of this next generation company and be a part of our success story.


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We manufacture drones on pre-order and we are inviting Investors around the world to help us increase productions of drones for Industry Giants by attracting investments from venture funds and private investors.

Our Experts Team

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David Welsh

Software Engineer

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Fianancial Analyst

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